The Simms top 40 QB countdown, No. 21: Baker Mayfield


After a rookie season that put him close to the category of franchise quarterback, Baker Mayfield regressed to the lower reaches of the middle of the pack.

Mayfield comes in at No. 21, down four spots from last year.

The first pick in the 2018 draft arguably could have been higher in 2019. He easily could have been lower in 2020.

But his issues likely are fixable, tracing largely to footwoork deficiencies, a tendency to throw the ball too hard, and perhaps the extra pressure that came from an expectation to get the ball to receiver Odell Beckham, Jr., regardless of what the defense may have been doing to keep him from getting open. Simms and I addressed the various angles during Wednesday’s PFT Live, coming to the conclusion that given the supporting cast and the coaching change (new head coach Kevin Stefanski worked with many different quarterbacks during 14 seasons with the Vikings), 2020 should look more like 2018 than 2019 for Mayfield.

Whatever happened in 2019, Mayfield needs to turn the page on it and embrace a future that hopefully will see better accentuation of his strengths and better minimization of his weaknesses.